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Build Better Relationships

Better Relationships Build Better Business.

April 16, 20244 min read

Better Relationships Build Better Business

When is comes to the end of our lives, what do you think is the number one thing people remember? The answer is relationships.  At the end of our journey not many of us wished we spent more time at work, lived in a bigger house or drove a better car.  Most of us just care about our relationships.

In fact, expert Dr. Stephen Coved studied the literature written by people who knew they were going to die.  They all wrote about their relationships.  He discovered that true happiness is in the relationships we have and it is those relationships that make us rich.

Practicing the Boys Before Business philosophy of putting relationships first can be a turning point in your life.  This simple rule to follow will help you build better relationships which will build better business and ultimately lead to a better life.

Sounds easy enough but in today’s busy world how do you take time for yourself and for other people when you have bills to pay and job to go to. Not to mention, a million other things on your to do list.  The fact that many of us get so caught up in day to day activities makes it seems harder to invest time and energy into relationships.

So what’s a single girl to do?  Start by deciding what relationships you want in your life.  Think about both personal and professional relationships.  Once you know what you want and can visualize your relationships coming to fruition, write down what you want to experience.

Writing down what you want is an important step.  This will be your guide to fulfilling your expectations.  If you keep your thoughts in your head you are missing out on getting clarity.  Schedule time in your planner to write down exactly what you want.  Too many times we have an intention to get this done but we procrastinate and procrastinate and never take the time to do something this simple.  Write down what you want in detail!

Once you are clear with what you want you can now communicate to others what it is you are looking for.  By having this clarity and being honest you will start to see results.  Men can not read your minds, nor can your colleagues and co-workers.  You will start to see better relationships when you start to communicate with others and find connections.  The only way to do this is to be authentic to your core values and to know what you want.

It’s also important to know what those around you want.  Supporting others dreams will elevate your relationships.  When you are helping your man or other people reach their goals and aspirations your relationship becomes stronger.

As your relationships in your personal and professional life grow, it will be important to accept people for who they are.  Leave room for growth and improvement but don’t try to change you man and don’t try and change your co-workers or clients. 

If your relationships in business or pleasure are not working then take action to find different relationships.  This might not always be easy if you are working for someone or with someone and circumstances don’t allow you to change.  In this case see how you can best communicate. Be confident in yourself and your think about the outcome you want and have faith the other person wants a similar outcome, you just might not go about things the same way.

When we say put your relationship first in your personal life we encourage you to make time for the most important people in your life.  Let them know how much you can.  Schedule time to be with them, share with them that they are indeed a priority.

In business, take time to build personal relationships with your customers, clients, employees, employers, partners and co-workers.  Take a sincere interest in their lives and their business and social needs.  People do business with people the trust and like.  The best way to build a relationship is to talk to someone on a regular basis and discuss what is important to you and the relationship.

When you build better relationships and learn the art of communicating effectively you will improve the over quality of your live.  Don’t take your relationships for granted.  There is always something new to discover.

Your girlfriends, not gurus,

Jen and Kim

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