Jen and Kim - Our Story about a boy named Tom!

Here’s the story of two single girls who went out on a date
with Tom…

You know when you meet someone and it seems like you have
known them forever.You know they are going to be an important person in your
life. We both felt that we should partner in someway.

It started as more of a business type of relationship, then
as we talked daily our relationship bloomed and just from a casual remark we
decided to write a book

We met at a week-long Jack Canfield seminar with over 400
people. Throughout the course of the week, there were exercises you did with
partners and different group events.

Near the end of the week, we were in a group exercise and at the end of
the exercise, Jen looked across the circle and said to Kim, “Let’s be business
accountability partners.”

Kim agreed and
it all started that day.

To be honest, Kim didn't even know what an accountability
partner was, but she knew that she had a feeling that something good would come
of the partnership.

We started talking daily, Monday through Friday, for 15
minutes.The idea was we were going to share our daily goals and be
accountable.We started as a quick discussion of strictly business goals.
It then turned into a longer discussion of health and happiness goals. Having
an accountability partner made us both do more and achieve more.

As we started to learn more about each other, we realized
both of us wanted one thing more than all the other goals. We both wanted
fulfilling romantic relationships.We started talking about our past relationships and our
current pursuits.We shared our trials and tribulations and realized that
dating is pretty much the same for everyone.

We decided that together we were going to find the men of
our dreams. No shortcuts, no settling. We were going to have it all. We
believed that two heads were better than one and together we could find the men
of our dreams.

We talked about what mistakes we felt we made in past
relationships and what we wanted in a new long-term relationship. We got really
clear about our own values and what we wanted. We even wrote what we call Dear
God Letters to ask God for guidance, support and help in finding a significant
other. We wanted the Universe to help us.

As we chatted about our dating lives, coincidently one night
we both had dates with guys named Tom.

Kim had met her Tom on an airplane and Jen had met her Tom
because he was a partner in the moving company that helped her move. We talked
on the phone before our dates and figured out what to wear and talked about how
excited we were.

We agreed to recap in the morning, seeing as we had a three-hour
time difference. By the time Kim would be getting home, chances were good that
Jen would be fast asleep after her date.

As Kim was five minutes away from being picked up, she got a
text from Jen.The text was short but not so sweet. It said: “He's

Kim had no time to react as her date rang the door.

Sneaking off to the bathroom at dinner, Kim texted back:
“You OK?”

Jen replied: “It’s OK.”

Kim went back to her date, figuring that she would chat with
Jen first thing in the morning. By the time we talked in the morning, it was afternoon for

She had already started her day, so when Jen picked up the
phone, work was on her mind—not boys.

Jen started talking about something amazing that just
happened to her business and, although Kim was excited for her, the first thing
out of her mouth was: “Wait a second... Boys Before Business.”

Later that day, both of us were thinking: “what a great
title for a book.” We talked about how this could really be the key to a
successful relationship: putting your relationship first. It was somewhat of an
“ah ha” moment for both of us. We decided that this was the missing piece that had
alluded us and we were determined that in the next relationship, we would
practice this. We would make the men in our lives a priority.

We decided we could crack the code on love and relationships. So we wrote down everything we did so we could help women everwhere!

Sure enough, we both met the men of our dreams and practice
this philosophy daily with the men we love… neither of whose name is Tom.

Kim met the man of her dreams just 6 days after doing 3 of the steps in our 21-Day Challenge! Take the challenge and see for yourself how you can Have It All!