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Kim and Rob

Kimberly Mylls: Co-Founder / Community Builder

I am passionate about showing people that it is possible to live their dream life. I am grateful to have grown up with a supportive family who always instilled the belief that I could do anything. It is that belief that I want everyone to feel because I believe having belief in yourself is the greatest gift. I spent years focused on my career in Corporate America before I realized I wanted a different lifestyle. I wanted more flexibility, more time, and I wanted to be surrounded by empowering people. I found it and became a much more fulfilled person. Once I was happy and was clear about what I wanted, that is when I found my true love. I now know what it is like to have a supportive partner to love and laugh with. Having a great relationship enables me to be better at every aspect of my career. I helped my husband have the vision and the belief to leave the high tech industry so he could follow his passions and start his own company. I believe life is meant to be lived with passion and that it is absolutely possible no matter what your circumstances are. Together we live in Santa Cruz, CA, a tiny beach town, and every day I walk by the beach and am so grateful to have choices.


Kim, How Has BBB Changed Your Life?

When I started writing BBB, I was single.  6 days after using the first 2 principles in the book I met my husband.  Three months after that, we were engaged, and 6 months later we were married.  He likes to call himself the Epilogue.  I also started using the principles in the book in my business life too and was able to coach hundreds of people on how to decide what they want and get it!

My Favorite Part of BBB Is …

Meeting my husband!  I also love hearing from our readers how the book has changed their lives by incorporating simple tools.  Most people don’t realize how small shifts make a huge impact.  What I love about BBB are the tools to help you make your way through love, lust, and a long lasting relationship and career.

I Feel Most Fulfilled When …

I am around family and friends, sharing laughter, and enjoying each other’s company. It doesn’t matter what I am doing as long as I am doing it with the right people.  I feel fulfilled at the end of the day being able to sit down and relax with my husband and have a meaningful conversation.  Knowing that I can be myself, whether good or bad, and still feel loved by the people around me is what fulfills me.

I Couldn’t Live Without …

The support and encouragement I get from my husband, sister, parents and friends. I am so blessed to have people around me to push me, to encourage me, and to pick me up when I fall.  Knowing that I have unconditional love from my immediate family is beyond words.

I’m Crazy About …

My two chocolate labs.  I live two blocks from the beach and every day when I take them for a walk I have so much gratitude.  When I am down, they make me happy.  Every morning, at the same time, they come by my bed ready to start the day!

My Guilty Pleasure Is …

Watching movies all day and eating popcorn.  I could sit in a movie theater all day or stay at home all day watching movies.  I love all movies except horror.

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