Meet Jennifer


Jennifer S. Wilkov: Co-Founder / Community Builder

I’m an extrovert who believes that we all have the potential to live the lives we say we want. I have done this in the face of a severe childhood illness, divorce, job changes, and as an entrepreneur. I “crossed over” from Corporate America into entrepreneurship with ease and grace – and found my way through some of the toughest challenges. I know personally of the journey to leave Corporate America to do and build what you love, and the many challenges and fears this path raises in people.
 I know how to build businesses through proper planning, effective networking, and sound marketing strategies that work.
 I also know it takes just as much time, energy and effort to meet the right person and build the life you have dreamed of with that dream person. I live in Brooklyn with the man of my dreams. It took me time and dating several men who I thought would be the one before I found him in the most unlikely place when I wasn’t looking to meet anyone. Like me, he loves Brooklyn and he loves the life we co-create and live together. I feel so fortunate to have found him.


Jennifer, How Has BBB Changed Your Life?

My life changed when I started asking more questions and challenging myself to live the life I wanted. Boys Before Business gave me the opportunity to get clear about what I wanted in both boys and business. It also gave me the forum to share these processes with others, both women and men, who said they wanted to have the relationship or career of their dreams but just kept struggling. I feel blessed that Kim and I met, that we committed to creating Boys Before Business, and that we have the privilege of helping to facilitate so many people’s lives so they can truly make the most of the lives they live. It’s AWESOME!

My Favorite Part of BBB Is …

Helping people understand their values and what is meaningful to them. This is often one of the biggest a-ha moments for most readers and members of our community. For most people, no one asks them what is important to them or what life they want to live. I love that we ask this of our readers and then get to help them understand this individually for themselves. It’s really a thrill for me to turn that light on for so many people.

I Feel Most Fulfilled When …

I get to share my life and love with the man I love. I love my career and my business – and I love helping people live who they are. When I come home at night, I love sharing all that I have experienced and done in the world to move humankind forward just a little bit each day with my life partner. When I look into his eyes, I know I’m home. When I get to laugh, smile and celebrate each day with him, my days are brighter and truly blessed.

I Couldn’t Live Without …

Books and my true love. Books are where we share our stories with one another and learn from each other. It’s the core essence of our beings! Every writer must bare their individual souls when they share a story they have crafted, whether it is a fiction, nonfiction or children’s book. I believe we are here to help each other learn to be the best persons we can be and to help each other move forward in our lives. Books do that for just about everyone. My true love and I read books together and grow forward together as we talk about what we’ve read, how it affects our perceptions of our world, and what changes we’d like to make in our lives so we can do more and have more fun together.

I’m Crazy About …

Looking down at the earth from up above! I have skydived, been up in a hot air balloon, gone gliding, been up in a Cessna, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and loved every minute of each one.

I really love getting a new perspective on our world and talking with others about theirs. It enriches me when I have the opportunity to listen to what others see in our world and learn from them what they feel we can do as as a global community to make our world a better place for everyone.

My Guilty Pleasure Is …

Chocolate! I eat chocolate once a month on the day of the full moon. It is a discipline I have maintained for years – and love to celebrate Chocolate Day every month. Because it is never the same day of the month, it makes me pay attention, schedule it, and plan it so I make the most of it each month.

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