Remember that popular scene in the movie, Jerry Maguire, when Tom Cruise’s character, Jerry, says that famous line to Renee Zellweger’s character, Dorothy,  “You…complete me,” and so many of our hearts melted as we heard it?

We’d like to hit the pause button on the DVD or BlueRay player and suggest that you take a moment to think about this:

Before you venture out to find Mr. Right, be complete with yourself.

As the new year rolls in, make a commitment to be complete with past relationships you’ve long abandoned, past jobs you’ve left behind and all the people who weren’t really supportive of you in your quest to find the right man for you. Close these out once and for all so you can regain the energy that any thoughts and feelings about these have been draining in your life.

Sweep out the old to make room for the right and bright new ones.

Now, get clear, really clear, about who your dream man is and what career you really love. Understand what is most important to you. Be certain. Be confident. Be complete with both: boys and business.

Then actively seek the life you say you want. Write it down. Use the Dear God Letter to prioritize what you absolutely must have to make it right. Make a point of reading through it every day.

Keep in mind: What you think about, you bring about.

By keeping these details at the top of your mind, you’ll tend to focus on finding what you desire, instead of what you don’t.

So when you finally say that famous follow-up line like Dorothy did in Jerry Maguire, you can say it with confidence because you know you are complete. You know what you really want. You’ll recognize him in an instant and then you’ll hear yourself say:

“You had me at hello.”

It’s your time to have it all!

Need help figuring out what’s really right for you? Start with our free tele-workshop where in 60 minutes we’ll help you to identify what’s really important to you in a relationship and how to write your own Dear God Letter.

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