Who would benefit from the BBB+ Community?

Any person who truly wants to have it all! Seriously, any person who is looking for that special someone whom they want to share and build their lives with and any person who wants to wake up in the morning and love to go to their job, which isn’t really a job, but rather a pleasure to get up and serve the world in such a wonderful way.

Can I start at any time?

Yes!  This is a self-paced program.  The sooner you start the sooner you will get results.

What if I’m really busy? Can I still do it?

Our BBB+ Community is designed so you can do it in during the nooks and crannies in your day. Some of the lessons will take longer than others. This is your journey you will go at your own pace.  We recommend you complete 1 or more lessons each week for the best results. Or just stay plugged in and you will get great information and inspiration.

Do I have to do something every day?

We suggest that you do at least one thing each day. That’s five things a week if you do one every day Monday through Friday. You can determine how much time you choose to spend each day.  We want you to win so we want you to complete all of the activities in each lesson. If this is that important to you, do a little piece every day. Little pieces matter because they build into greater gifts for you and you achieving what you set out to get.

Can my best friend access the Facebook site or just me?

The Facebook site is set up only for those who are enrolled in the BBB+ Community. It is a private site and group so your friends won’t be able to access it unless they enroll in the program with you.

How is this program different than other coaching programs out there?

During our  program, we are accessible every day Monday-Friday live via our Facebook site to help you and answer questions so you can move forward. We don’t make you wait a week or two weeks to talk with us.

Our BBB+ Community is designed so you can win. We break down the program into individual lessons and focused activities so it is easy to manage and easy for you to do. We give you all of the instructions and then provide you with a safety net every day so when you have questions, you can ask us as you have them and not wait.  Plus we will be going live on Facebook and you can ask us anything!

We also use a group format so you benefit from hearing others and their experiences, which can be motivating, inspiring and informative too. We offer the unique combination of a group experience and availability one-to-one so you get the support you need when you need it so you can succeed.

I have tried to find the man of my dreams before – and never have. How is this going to be any different?

This community is specifically designed to begin with you, instead of who you are looking for. Most don’t start there. We take the time to cultivate your understanding of what you want first before you go out looking for that special person of your dreams. We teach you how to pass on those that don’t match your ideal mate traits so you don’t waste time with those who are not a match which means you find your mate faster and get to spend more time building and creating the relationship you really want with him.

Will I really be able to find the love of my life?

Yes, we are confident you will, as long as you complete the lessons each week and ask us questions when you are not clear about what to do. We have had so many women get married and find the careers they love as a result of doing our program. If we didn’t think it could work, we wouldn’t offer it. We’re living proof, as are our members, that the BBB+ Community works.

Do I have to follow the plan exactly?

Yes. This is a system for success that has worked for many women who are living the lives they want. If you want similar results, then use the system the way it is designed. If you mess with the system, you will mess with your success with it.

If you sat next to Richard Branson on an airplane and he told you do 5 things in order to become a millionaire, you wouldn’t tell him that you don’t want to do #3.

I already met someone I like. How can this program help me?

Congratulations on meeting the person you like! If you are not sure if the person you met is the man of your dreams, this program will help you learn whether or not he is. It will also help you determine whether the career that you’re doing well in is really the career of your dreams. We poke and prod and ask specific questions to help you consider, identify and maximize the life you have so you don’t settle for just anyone or any job you’re good at. We want you to live that life you’ve dreamed of, which includes an incredibly strong and romantic relationship with that dream guy and a career you love to get up for every morning.

Are you ready to have it all?

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