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jc“If your goals include finding Mr. Right, having a positive work-life balance, or taking your career to the next level, Kimberly Mylls and Jennifer Wilkov are the experts who can teach you how to have it all. They know how to craft a vision and bring it to life. Both of them have done it themselves, and they are now on a mission to help you learn to do the same.”

– Jack Canfield, 
America’s #1 Success Coach
Founder & CEO of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® Enterprises

Prince Charming Doesn’t Exist

Let’s face it. Growing up as little girls most of us loved the story of Cinderella. Who doesn’t want to be rescued by a handsome man on a white horse? It seems exciting and wonderful.

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Stop Being with Mr. Good Enough.

Let’s face it: sometimes dating, well, it just sucks. The quest to find Mr. Right is full of ups and downs. Date one is great but by date three, you start to see some of his true colors and they aren’t that pretty.

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Put A Ring on It

Is what your mom told you wrong?

Are you scratching your head wondering if this is it? You grew up believing you can do and achieve everything and out you went to conquer the business world.

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