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jc“If your goals include finding Mr. Right, having a positive work-life balance, or taking your career to the next level, Kimberly Mylls and Jennifer Wilkov are the experts who can teach you how to have it all. They know how to craft a vision and bring it to life. Both of them have done it themselves, and they are now on a mission to help you learn to do the same.”

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Rejection Is for Your Protection

The first date was great: great conversation, a little flirty attraction, and an all around fun night.  You walk in the front door excited about the second date. You call your best friend do a recap of the night and go to bed wondering if maybe, just maybe, he is the... read more

Do You Want a Date or a Mate?

Dating can be fun, delightful and enjoyable – and it should be at all times whether you are single and dating or whether you are in a relationship or married. Even if you have found that love you’ve sought or have been married for years, dating is still a large part... read more

Friday’s Weekend Quote

“Nothing compares with the finding of true love; because once you do your heart is complete.” (Anonymous) Is Yours the Greatest Love Story Ever? Take your notebook and your iPod, head off to the park, and write your love story about how Boys Before Business helped you... read more